Our policy

Hi, how are you? I hope so!!!

But, look, if there was a problem with our product or you regret it, we can exchange it for the same or similar one or, if you prefer, refund your money.

Only call within the deadlines, you have up to 7 calendar days to report this (defect or exchange) and request an exchange or refund of the amount paid. One more thing, the day of delivery also counts, okay?

Ah, I remembered here, there are two specific cases that I need you to pay attention to: the first is when the product arrived to you broken, crushed, crossed out or something like that (which is unlikely to happen, as we value the excellence of our products, care during shipping and – most importantly – your satisfaction).

But, as we are human, these things can to happen. Therefore, in these cases (just remember, product is broken, dented, scratched or something similar), we offer you a period of 7 working days from receipt.

Now that everything is well explained, let's go!! !

Are you within these deadlines? So just get in touch with us. Let me send you Loir Eletronic's opening hours and channels here:

Zap (11) 99759-9313

sales@loireletronic .com.com


Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm;

You can feel free to call us.

But if you call, we cannot respond to exchange requests without this request, after the deadline or in the case of regret about purchasing the product (that period of 7 days I told you above), the product has a broken seal or signs of use, OK? Oh, we can only exchange or return it when we receive the product and as long as it has all the items/accessories that came with it, right?

From Refusal , Regret and Defect.

Product Refusal

We receive and send products exactly as the manufacturer tells us. If you encounter a problem, like the ones I'm going to tell you about below, you can refuse delivery:

The packaging was open or damaged (crushed, wet, signs of any damage or damage);

< p>Product visibly broken, dented or something similar;

Don't forget to contact us and tell us what happened, huh. This way, we can help you and solve the problem in the best way.

Do you regret the purchase:

Just check it out, we offer you a period of 7 days to request an exchange of a product, due to regret:

Product was not what you expected or is completely different from what you purchased;

Also, if parts or accessories are missing that should come with the product (just check the advertisement to see if the items are included with the product).

So, did you encounter any of these problems after you received the product? Contact us, within the aforementioned period, after receipt, and we will promptly resolve your problem.

Identification of a Defect in the product

Contact us I need to talk to you just one more thing about this, these are the cases in which the product is defective, within the legal deadline.

We offer you, for durable products, a period of 90 days to resolve any defect that the product presents.

So, if, within this period, the product presents a defect, talk to us there on those channels, and we will help you resolve the problem. Remembering that it is 90 days, and directly with us, an excellent deadline, don't you think? And everything is resolved directly in Brazil.

How do I return it?

Okay, you've already observed everything I told you, got in touch within the deadline and now it's ok. Not sure how to return the product? It's easy, easy, just pay attention to this here:

The product must be returned in the original packaging;

It must not have signs of use or violation of the manufacturer's original seal;< /p>

The Post Office also requires that a content declaration or invoice be sent with the product. But don't worry, we will send this to you, along with the postage code;

You must also send the manuals and all the parts/accessories that come with it. Okay?

Returning by post at the Post Office

Now let's talk about the return itself:

It is made by post at the Post Office .

Then, we will send you a free postage code (you won't pay anything for it). We can send it to your email, WhatsApp or other electronic means you prefer.

To do this, I need you to package the product the way we told you above. After that, just go to any post office near you.

Just remember, you don't have to pay anything for this. Just get to the Post Office and present the code that we will send you.

Just keep an eye out, because this code is valid to be used, so be careful not to miss the deadline, okay?

< strong>Important Note:

If you call here, the screening has a cost (which we pay for your convenience).

So, I need you to be very attentive to the correct use of this code.

So, if by chance you make a mistake and send us a product different from the one purchased or to an address different from the one informed, unfortunately we will not be able to bear the cost of correcting the problem .

Then, you will have to bear the cost of shipping the correct product or to the correct address, OK?

Deadline to complete the exchange process

See, we have a period of up to 30 calendar days, counting from receipt of the product at our Distribution Center, to check if everything is ok and if your request is within our policy exchanges and returns.

If, by chance, it is not within the policy, we will return the product to you and contact you to inform you.

Refund of value paid

Don't worry, we will refund the value of the product in full. It just depends on the payment method you chose during purchase. So, here we go, if you paid with:

Credit Card:

The card administrator will receive the notification and then they will proceed to refund the entire value of the product at once, even if you have chosen to pay in installments.

You can check the refund of the amount on your card statement, which will be shown as a credit. Keep an eye on anything, get in touch with them too, to charge it.

But, see, in this case, the refund deadline depends on the card administrator. Just so you know, the amount generally appears on up to two invoices, generated after your request to return the product. If anything, call them and clarify your doubts with them.

Bank Slip or Direct Debit:

In this case, we will make a deposit within 10 (ten) business days in the current account of the person who made the purchase, just connect, which cannot be a joint account.

Ah, one more thing here, the CPF of the current account holder must be the same as what appears in the order, okay? which is also the same as what is in the registration of the person who purchased it.

If the person who purchased it does not have a current account with these requirements, get in touch with us, through those channels I gave you above, and we will find a solution together. Don't worry!

But, look, I need you to pay attention to this: it's important that you know that we will not refund the amount if:

There is no exchange request registered with us, through the channels provided;

The request is outside the deadlines I mentioned above;

We receive the product you returned at our Distribution Center, analyze it and see that everything is not in accordance with what you reported, so it is important to correctly record the problem encountered or regret about the purchase;

The product has signs of use, damage or any detail not reported when after opening the ticket;

The product has items/accessories that you did not return with it.

That's it!!!

We are always here for the better serve you.

If you have any questions, just contact us through our service channels.